Tranquility Massage
Your time to escape and rejuvenate


               Today I came in for a two hour massage, Barb [The Therapist ] always ask me how I feel and what parts of my body are hurting today. I have several problems with my body, Autoimmune Disease and Fibromyalgia to name a few. Barb has specialized in these two fields and knows right where to massage and make the pain and headaches go away! Today I also decided to lay on the Bio Mat she has for Intense Toxin Removal in your body. Today for the first time in several months I can move my neck in all directions without pain, It is awesome!! I will be back every time I have any pain [ which is often ] for Barb is great at getting to the source and getting it worked out. I will recommend her to everyone I know. If you are reading this make an appointment it is so worth it !

                                                 Shawna callahan